In a new initiative, Ramana has played with the images that he has captured and furthered thereon, taking the creative licence to tweak images, highlighting some essential and dramatic colours providing a very surreal tone to the photographs.

At the end of all these creative interventions, the image no more remains a photograph - it would be closer to being a painting!

This therefore takes a new dimension to be FOTO ART!! These FOTO ART, now seek to create their own perception and render a poetry to the viewers. The final output, be it on a 'cotton-based' 100% recyclable paper or a canvas, reveals some astounding impressions.

While this is a response of his internal passion for ART, his HEART beats for the needy and deprived too.

FOTO ART is another initiative that help the Trust muster resources for the needy.

The proceeds - net of expenditure - go to support select NGO's - and the underprivileged destitute, who need to be taken care by the society.

In the FoTo Art event of 2012 - even prior to the establishment of the Trust, NGO Little Drops, Chennai has been a major beneficiary of the funds.


  • The stipulated sizes are mentioned along the illustrations /images.
  • Giclée Photo Printing is the process followed here, on Canvas [in Gallery Wrap] or on Paper - Somerset Enhanced Textured 100% Cotton based - to Archival Standards.
  • Giclée Photo Printing is possible in other sizes too - [can be made to custom requirement]
  • If on Somerset paper, Framing will be done on:
    • Archival Standard Wooden Moulding - Black color ( 20 mm x 30 mm) (Color Options of White and Brown also available)
    • 2" mount - Off White archival standard.
    • Archival Grade Acrylic

Order your Giclée Photo Print which if displayed indoors [in homes/office] has a lifespan of over 35 years! - click here

Highlight your walls and Décor and at the same time, help better the lives of the needy/underprivileged this way!