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We have witnessed beautiful ART emerge from a sharp-creative mind, unfortunately trapped in a body that fails to cope up, cooperate or even refuse to budge to the commands of the brain.

That is where HeART BEAT Foundation comes in!

It has been observed that the specially/differently abled do reveal distinct creative sparks in their works of art. Their wandering minds do often reflect tremendous tenacity that their creativity has seen and conquered the peak, while their body has tried to say 'Quits'.

Their works on paper, canvas or with any media take new form and shapes that seem impossible; given their limited physical agility.

It is their way of expressing their 'silent exploration' and sharing with the rest of the world that they have broken the barriers of time and space. All and sundry may not be enamored.

They have done what you and I could not achieve with a strong and able body. And this is what has caught the awe of Trustees at HeART BEAT Foundation.

Like Music Therapy, Art is also a Therapy for many...

The HeART BEAT Foundation is a culmination of all these thoughts. It is an initiative that would seek to help the specially and differently abled in finding therapeutic relief through art.

HeART BEAT Foundation seeks to provide:

  • Art therapy
  • Exclusively showcase their works of art
  • Gain endorsement and recognition in the Society
  • Seek a fair price for their work of art
  • Bring financial independence/support to them and their families.
  • Help continue with their required aid, therapy and stay in special schools.

About us

Varakur Srinivasan Ramana is a Corporate Communications, PR professional, also with a Corporate Social Responsibility role. A Bachelor in Commerce from the Madras Christian College, Tambaram,


HeART BEAT Foundation musters art-training, supports art-material and aids, holds exclusive 'Charity Exhibition & Sale' of works of art by the Specially-abled, along with collaborators/support-groups,


In a new initiative, Ramana has played with the images that he has captured and furthered thereon, taking the creative licence to tweak images, highlighting some essential and dramatic colours providing