Uttam Kumar was born into a poor family in Majouri Village, a small town of Jammu and Kashmir in 1979. Uttam was declared 60% handicapped with non-functioning hands and right leg. But his parents brought him up with love and care and educated him to the best of their capability. When Uttam's father took him to the local school, many of the villagers told him that it was of no use as Uttam would not amount to anything without his hands and one foot. However, Uttam and his family decided to take this as a challenge and show the world what he was capable of.

With great difficulty Uttam started holding the pencil with his left foot supported partially by a dangling hand. One of his primary school teachers recognized his skills in art and encouraged him. From that time he started sketching, drawing and painting with his foot. As he started gaining in confidence, he decided to prove to everybody around him that "He too can live like a normal human being and is capable of doing the things that any abled person can do". He was determined to prove himself and started to put in hours of hard work into improving his artistic skills.

After passing his 12th class, Uttam participated in many Art exhibitions and public Art shows in and around the state, bagged many citations, awards and appreciations from Government and non-government organizations. Gradually people started recognizing his talent and supported him. He hopes that all of his art lovers would support him whole heartedly till his last breath.

Some of his works